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The Aim/Goal

The goal of MrLeet is simple - to provide materials that allows anyone to gain practical 'hands-on' experience in digital security, computer software & network administration. And sharing vulnerable machines and contents for researchers, penetration tester to execute some common/uncommon attacking techniques in a lab environment and: understand how the attacks can be performed write code to further the understanding of some of the tools and techniques see what most common artifacts the techniques leave behind try out various industry tools and become more profficient in using them take notes for future reference

Tips for the Penetration Testing courseware

Follow the notes and other contents given here first and then start practicing the vulnerable machines. Use all given resources here to learn more. Search for relevant topic and go through them. Join the MrLeet forums and social media and share contents talk to other people. You can learn a lot from other people too, especially when you have little or no practical experience on the subject. InfoSec is often a passion and a way of living so people are often quite nice and willing to share information and educate people who share the same passion (read last paragraph for what questions to ask and what not).

Updated on: 28.05.2019