Title: Port Redirection with Rinetd- used in Penetration TestingAuthor: ajayverma
SSH is fantastic for port redirection in a lot of cases, but what if you want to set up a redirection of incoming and outgoing ports without the hassle of setting up SSH servers? Rinetd is a great program that will let you do this.

Rinetd –
[Linux Download] http://www.boutell.com/rinetd/http/rinetd.tar.gz
[Windows Download] http://www.boutell.com/rinetd/http/rinetd.zip

Set the rinetd.conf file in the same directory (Windows) or /etc/rinetd.conf (Linux)

<bind address> <bind port> <connect address> <connect port>
bind address / port : The “incoming” IP address, that which we wish to bind on and forwarding packets originally targeted to it onwards.
connect address / port : The “outgoing” IP address, that which we wish to send the packets onwards to.

A server we have compromised is originally located on and we wish to forward all the HTTP requests onto our malicious server at


#bindaddress #bindport #connectaddress #connectport 80 8080
Run Rinetd, all traffic being sent to the server on will be routed to port 8080. Likewise any responses from will be routed back through to the original requester.

Submitted On: 2019-05-30 12:50:26