Title: Cheatsheet_GDBAuthor: ajayverma
set disassembly-flavor intel

$ cat ~/.bash_aliases | grep gdb
alias gdb='gdb -quiet'

Running gdb
$ gdb - run, then use file command to load object
$ gdb -quiet - supress copyright information
$ gdb object - normal debug
$ gdb object core - analyze core dump
$ gdb object pid - attach to running process

General commands
set args - set program arguments
show args - show program arguments
run - run the program
run < file - run with input from file
set follow-exec-mode new/sam - set debugger response to an exec call
set write - set write into executables
set write off - unset write int oexecutables
continue - continue running until break
finish - execute until current stack frame ends
source FILE - read commands from script file
shell [cmd] - run cmd in a shell
display /5i $eip - display expression everytime execution stops
undisplay <expr #> - undisplay expression number
info functions - list all the functions
info variables - list all the variables
info registers - list most common registers
info all-registers - list all registers
info display - print the list of displayed expressions
backtrace - print backtrace of all stack frames
where - same as backtrace
set disassembly-flavor intel - set disassembly style to intel/att
define hook-[cmd] - actions to execute before command
define hooopost-[cmd] - actions to execute after command
define hook-stop - actions to execute when execution stops

info breakpoints - list all breakpoints
break [func] - break function name
break *[addr] - break at address
delete [bnum] - delete breakpoint bnum
break if [cond] - break if condition
ignore [bnum] [count] - ignore breakpoint bnum count times
condition [bnum] $eax == 0x22 - add condition for breakpoint 1
condition [bnum] - delete condition for breakpoint 1

info watchpoints - list all the watchpoint
watch variable==value - break when variable equals ..
watch $eax == 0x0000ffaa - break when register equals ..
rwatch *[addr] - break on read memory location
awatch *[addr] - break on read/write memory location

Submitted On: 2019-06-25 11:08:04