Title: OSCP Course LayoutAuthor: unknowndevice64
Penetration Testing: What You Should Know
About Kali Linux
About Penetration Testing
The megacorpone.com Domain
Offensive Security Labs

Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux
Finding Your Way Around Kali
Managing Kali Linux Services
The Bash Environment
Intro to Bash Scripting

The EssentiaTools

Passive Information Gathering
Open Web Information Gathering
Email Harvesting
Additional Resources

Active Information Gathering
DNS Enumeration
Port Scanning
SMB Enumeration
SMTP Enumeration
SNMP Enumeration

Vulnerability Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning with Nmap
The OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

Buffer Overflows

Win32 Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Replicating the Crash
Controlling EIP
Locating Space for Your Shellcode
Checking for Bad Characters
Redirecting the Execution Flow
Generating Shellcode with Metasploit
Getting a Shell
Improving the Exploit

Linux Buffer Overflow Exploitation
Setting Up the Environment
Crashing Crossfire
Controlling EIP
Finding Space for Our Shellcode
Improving Exploit Reliability
Discovering Bad Characters
Finding a Return Address
Getting a Shell

Working with Exploits
Searching for Exploits
Customizing and Fixing Exploits

File Transfers
A Word About Anti Virus Software
File Transfer Methods

Privilege Escalation
Privilege Escalation Exploits
Configuration Issues

Client Side Attacks
Know Your Target
MS12L037Internet Explorer 8 Fixed CoSpan ID
Java Signed Applet Attack

Web Application Attacks
Essential firefox AddLons
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
MySQL SQL Injection
Web Application Proxies
Automated SQL Injection Tools

Password Attacks
Preparing for Brute Force
Online Password Attacks
Password Hash Attacks

Port Redirection and Tunneling
Port Forwarding/Redirection
SSH Tunneling
Proxy chains
HTTP Tunneling
Traffic Encapsulation

The Metasploit Framework
Metasploit User Interfaces
Setting up Metasploit Framework on Kali
Exploring the Metasploit Framework
Auxiliary Modules
Exploit Modules
Metasploit Payloads
Building Your Own MSF Module
Post Exploitation with Metasploit

Bypassing Antivirus Software
Encoding Payloads with Metasploit
Crypting Known Malware with Software Protectors
Using Custom/Uncommon Tools and Payloads

Assembling the Pieces: Penetration Test Breakdown
Phase 0 – Scenario Description
Phase 1 – Information Gathering
Phase 2 – Vulnerability Identification and Prioritization
Phase 3 – Research and Development
Phase 4 – Exploitation
Phase 5 – PostLExploitation

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